Regional Goals

Alongside a strong network of partners, including federal agencies, local governments, tribal organizations, nonprofits, and private entities, we work through the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program (WIP) to achieve five regional goals.

Healthy Watersheds & Forests

Restore and protect the ecological health and resilience of watersheds and forests within the Sierra Nevada Region:

  • Dramatically increase the pace and scale of active forest management
  • Reintroduce beneficial fire to the landscape
  • Create a restoration economy

Resilient Communities

Increase the environmental, economic, and social resilience of Sierra Nevada communities:

  • Build local capacity
  • Create jobs and economic stability
  • Protect homes and infrastructure

Vibrant Recreation & Tourism

Enhance, promote, and develop sustainable recreation and tourism in the Sierra Nevada Region:

  • Increase access to public lands
  • Improve local economies
  • Support sustainable recreation and tourism opportunities

Strategic Lands Conserved

Permanently protect high-benefit lands that are threatened with conversion, represent unique natural characteristics, or are critical for resilience to climate change:

  • Invest for the long term
  • Conserve high-value lands
  • Safeguard vital resources

Impactful Regional Identity

Elevate statewide recognition of the value and benefits the Sierra Nevada provides and increase integration of the importance of the Sierra Nevada into state policy and funding decisions:

  • Educate policymakers
  • Engage partners
  • Tell the Region’s story

Additional Information

Each of our Regional goals consist of strategies and actions to protect and restore the health and resilience of Sierra Nevada watersheds and communities. Our holistic approach is also helping California address key issues like reducing the risk of large damaging wildfires, reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, protecting biodiversity, developing job opportunities in economically depressed areas, and helping the state adapt to climate change.

Learn more about these goals in our 2019–2024 Strategic Plan.