Environmental Compliance Documentation

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PRC Section 4799.05 Postings

State law, California Public Resources Code section 4799.05, exempts lead agencies engaged in certain forestry activities from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) when the environmental impact of those activities was analyzed under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Agencies utilizing this exemption must post a notice of this exemption and describe where the federal NEPA environmental analysis is available.

June 2023 Postings

Project 933.4-CCI: King Fire Restoration Project

Amending an existing grant agreement with the Eldorado National Forest to conduct King Fire restoration work in Placer and El Dorado Counties:

Project 1516: Caldor Fire Restoration Project—Phase One

Funding for the Great Basin Institute to complete hazard tree removal on Eldorado National Forest in El Dorado County:

Project 1544: Sarah Priest Fuels Reduction Project

Funding for the American Indian Council of Mariposa County to reduce fuels for community protection across the Sarah Priest Tribal Allotment in Mariposa County:

Project 1564: Antelope Creek WUI Forest Health and Fuels Reduction Project

Funding for the Sierra Valley Fire Safe and Watershed Council to implement fuel reduction treatments on Tahoe National Forest in Sierra County:

March 2023 Postings

Project 1507: ‘Inimim Forest Restoration Project—Phase Three

Funding for the Yuba Watershed Institute to complete fuel reduction work in Nevada County:

Project 1514: McKays Strategic Fuelbreak

Funding for the Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services to partner with Stanislaus National Forest to treat 957 acres of mixed conifer forest:

Project 1532: Reds Meadow II—ESCCRP

Funding for the Whitebark Institute of Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences to partner with Inyo National Forest to conduct forest thinning and pile burning in Mono and Madera counties:

Project 1536: Medicine Lake Volcano Forest and Fire Restoration

Funding for the Pit Resource Conservation District to partner with Modoc National Forest to improve forest resilience in Siskiyou County:

Project 1551: Improving Landscape and Watershed Health Through Restoring Fire Regimes in Lassen-Volcanic National Park: Phase Three

Funding for the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment to partner with Lassen Volcanic National Park to complete forest thinning and construct about five miles of fire line in Shasta County:

Project 1553: Sierra at Tahoe—Caldor Recovery Phase Two

Funding for the El Dorado Resource Conservation District to partner with Eldorado National Forest to continue recovery and restoration activities from the Caldor Fire:

Project 1555: Improving Forest Resilience on Modoc National Forest

Funding for the California Deer Association to partner with Modoc National Forest to implement conifer thinning, fuels reduction, and the creation of fuels management zones in Modoc County:

Project 1562: Sequoia National Forest Wildfire and Forest Hazard Mitigation Project

Funding for Tulare County to partner with Sequoia National Forest to address hazard tree mitigation needs from the Pier, Windy, and Castle fires:

Project 1571: Reducing Wildfire Risks on Inyo Craters Landscape

Funding for the California Deer Association to partner with Inyo National Forest to remove hazardous fuels in Mono County: