2021 Annual Report

From our Executive Officer

Hope, and clarity, in the eye of the (fire)storm

In 2021, the Sierra Nevada was the epicenter of the California wildfire crisis. But when the smoke cleared, it revealed stories of resilience that give me great hope. We know what the path toward wildfire resilience looks like.

State and national leaders are making generational investments in the Sierra Nevada, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished with our partners over the past year. I hope that the stories in our 2021 Annual Report can serve as important reminders of what we can achieve together—and inspire us to continue striving towards our shared goals.

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Angela Avery | Executive Officer

Building Wildfire Resilience

Fueled by the Dixie and Caldor fires, 2021’s wildfire season was the worst on record for the Sierra Nevada. Despite the challenges, SNC’s work continues to make a difference and demonstrates that we can make our communities and forests more resilient.

Getting to Scale

In 2021, SNC received a grand total of $80 million in state funding, enabling us to accelerate regional resilience like never before. We expanded our support for forest health and fire resilience activities by awarding a record $21 million to projects throughout the Sierra, including $19 million to shovel-ready projects on a compressed 3-month timeframe. Looking forward, we will continue to increase investment in our region—which has also grown—to address the backlog of forest and watershed restoration projects, while also supporting climate resilience and recovery from destructive fire seasons.

Investing in Capacity

While some parts of the Sierra Nevada have robust organizations, collaboratives, and resources to get projects off the ground quickly, many areas do not. To increase the pace and scale of forest health and fire resilience work, we are funding activities that build workforce and organizational capacity throughout our 27-million-acre region.

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