The Sierra Nevada Conservancy seeking input on Strategic Plan

Sep 27, 2023 | SNC Updates

aerial looking down and across a highway that crosses a river and lots of trees, heading toward a snowy mountain

We are rapidly approaching the end of our 2019–2024 Strategic Plan: “Protecting and Restoring the Health and Resilience of Sierra Nevada Watersheds and Communities,” and are currently in the process of drafting a new 2024–2029 Strategic Plan to guide us through the next five years.

As we consider our priorities, we would like your input on a central part of our Strategic Plan—the Regional Goals, or primary-issue areas, that frame the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s Watershed Improvement Program (WIP) work. These Regional Goals, and how we support them, are intended to reflect the intersection of the priorities and values of California’s Sierra-Cascade region and our statutory mission and authority.

November 22, 20223, update: SNC’s Strategic Plan Survey concerning our Regional Goals is now closed. We received 170 responses from partners across the region and state and your input is very much appreciated. That input is currently informing our strategic planning process and there will be another opportunity to help shape SNC’s 2025-2029 Strategic Plan when a draft is released for public comment in early 2024.

Strategic planning timeline

Your input will inform the development of our draft 2024–2029 Strategic Plan, which will be presented to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Governing Board in December 2023. The public comment period for this plan will run in early 2024. The Governing Board will consider the adoption of a final 2024–2029 Strategic Plan in the first half of 2024.