Our Board

Our Board is made up of state-appointed officials, local county supervisors, and federal land management representatives who provide strategic direction to our projects and programs.

Board Meetings

Our Governing Board meets quarterly. Board meetings rotate around the Region, providing an opportunity for Boardmembers to understand key issues and engage with local partners in each of the 22 counties that make up the SNC’s service area.

Upcoming Meeting

Our upcoming Board meeting is December 9, 2021, and will be held virtually using the Zoom webinar platform.


Our Governing Board is made up of 16 members: 13 voting and 3 non-voting. The voting members include five Governor’s appointments, two legislative appointments, and six Local Government representatives. Each of the six Subregions are represented by a member of the Board of Supervisors from a county within the Subregion (selected by the counties), serving two-year terms. One representative each from the National Parks Service, United States Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management serve in a non-voting, advisory capacity on the Board.

Meet our Boardmembers

“The Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s Governing Board structure was designed to provide leadership from both locally elected and state-appointed representatives. This unique pairing of on-the-ground knowledge and experience coupled with perspectives regarding state goals and priorities has enabled SNC to effectively promote the well-being of the Sierra Nevada Region, its environment, and its residents.”

Terrence O’Brien
Board Chair

Legislative Liaisons

Outside of our Governing Board, we have 4 Legislative Liaisons who provide insight, guidance, and leadership to the SNC on legislative matters important to the Region.

Meet our Legislative Liaisons

Governing Statutes

The SNC was established by bi-partisan legislation (AB 2600) and signed into law in 2004: the Laird-Leslie Sierra Nevada Conservancy Act. Our governing statutes are in sections 33300-33356 of the Public Resources Code.