Resources Leveraged for the Region


The purpose of this Performance Measure (PM) is to measure the additional resources generated as a result of SNC investment. The total value is based on matching funds provided by external sources, number of volunteer hours, and the value of major in-kind contributions made to a project. This performance measure is applicable to all of SNC’s program areas and measures SNC’s ability to leverage Californian’s direct investment in SNC’s service area.

Likely Project Categories

Reporting on this PM is required of all projects.


This PM is further classified into the following variations:

  • Project Funds from other sources
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Major In-kind Contributions

Guidance on Applying this PM to Your Project

The following is a recommended approach to collecting data and reporting on this PM. If your project requires unique steps or considerations, please discuss them with your SNC project manager.

Data Sources

  • Keep track of the number of volunteers and volunteer hours used on your project.
  • Estimate the value of any major in-kind contribution associated with your project. A major in-kind contribution would be something with a value that exceeds $10,000. For example, if use of equipment was donated to your project and it would have cost you over $10,000 to rent the donated equipment for the amount of time it is being donated to you, estimate what it would have cost you to rent it for that period of time. Another example would be if more than $10,000 in materials was donated to your project. In that case, estimate the value of the materials donated.


Please provide the following information to SNC.

Funds from other sources

Provide a table of funds directly contributed toward the project, not including SNC grant money. Each source should be identified separately. A sample table is provided below.

Matching Funds SourceDescriptionAmount
example: Plumas CountyWater quality mitigation funds$99,999

Volunteer Hours

Provide information about number of volunteers and hours worked.

Major In-kind Contributions

Provide information on any major in-kind contributions, including a description, an estimate of the value, and an explanation of how you calculated the value.


Monitoring and reporting this PM will require a moderate level of effort. Special skills are not required for reporting this PM.