Number of People Reached


The purpose of this Performance Measure (PM) is to measure the scope of information-sharing and education efforts, and inclusiveness of other project efforts such as plan development.

Likely Project Categories

Reporting on this PM is required of all projects when relevant. This PM is likely to be most relevant for projects receiving funding through Category 2 grants, but also may be appropriate to some Category 1 grants, such as restoration projects.

Three Types of Outreach

Reporting should distinguish among three types of outreach efforts (as pertinent to the grant):

  • Education—includes attendance at public meetings and workshops, in-person or group fire safe education, youth education programs, and other efforts to provide educational information to identified stakeholders.
  • Information Distribution—larger scale literature mailings or media outreach where the size of the audience is known, but level of attention given by recipients is unverified.
  • Collaboration—direct involvement of stakeholders in project planning and/or implementation.

Guidance on Applying this PM to Your Project

This is a recommended approach to collecting data and reporting on this PM. Grantees are asked to further evaluate how these steps may best be applied to your specific project and discuss with SNC any steps or considerations that may be unique to your project.

Data Collection

For each SNC-sponsored educational, outreach, or collaborative activity, record the following information: number of people reached. Use sign-in sheets to count numbers of people attending events. Use numbers of publications distributed or unique web site visitors to estimate numbers of people reached with written material.

Compile all data in a table or list to show total number of people reached for each of the three types of outreach described above.


Report total numbers of people reached. Note that some people may have been reached more than once, so total number of contacts may be higher than actual numbers of people reached.


The level of effort required to measure, analyze, and report number of people reached should be minimal. This performance measure requires careful tracking over the life of the project, but no special skills or knowledge are required.