Percent of Pre-Project and Planning Efforts Resulting in Project Implementation


The purpose of this Performance Measure (PM) is to provide a measure of progress in moving SNC-funded projects from initial stages of collaboration and planning to action.

Likely Project Categories

This PM would likely be applicable for projects in the following two categories:

  • Pre-Project Due Diligence
  • Planning

Guidance on Applying this PM to Your Project

This is a recommended approach to collecting data and reporting on this PM. Grantees are asked to further evaluate how these steps may best be applied to your specific project and discuss with SNC any steps or considerations that may be unique to your project.

Data Collection

  • Identify the activities expected to be implemented after this SNC-funded effort has been completed, e.g. a parcel of land is expected to be acquired after an SNC-funded appraisal is completed.
  • One year and three years after the SNC-funded planning or pre-project work has been completed, document the percentage of the project that has been implemented (e.g., percent of appraised land that has been acquired, percent of planned activities that have been implemented).


One and three years after the project has been completed, report the percent of project implementation. If planned activities have not been fully implemented, provide a one-paragraph explanation of why and a date when full implementation is expected.


Measuring this PM requires no effort during the life of the project and minimal effort after the project has been completed. However, grantees should note that reporting on this performance measure is a post-project requirement for all Pre-Project Due Diligence and Planning projects.