Number of New Recreation Access Points


The purpose of this Performance Measure (PM) is to measure improvement in recreation access by types of access points and increased capacity. This measure addresses the SNC’s goal of providing increased opportunities for tourism and recreation.

Likely Project Categories

This PM is further classified into the following variations:

  • Acquisition Projects
  • Site Improvement/Restoration


This Performance Measure (PM) would likely be applicable for projects in the following categories:

  • Trailheads and Trails
  • Boat Ramps
  • Beach, Shore, or Riparian Access (non-trail)
  • Parking Areas
  • Other

Guidance on Applying this PM to Your Project

This is a recommended approach to collecting data and reporting on this PM. Grantees are asked to further evaluate how these steps may best be applied to your specific project and discuss with SNC any steps or considerations that may be unique to your project.

Data Collection

  • Identify the type(s) of new access points created, using the categories listed above, under “Variations.” If the access point does not fit in one of the categories provided, provide a written description of the type of access provided.
  • Count the number of each new type of recreation access point created
  • Determine the new or increased capacity provided by each access point. Identify the units used to measure capacity (e.g., increased number of parking sites or increased number of boats per day).


Report the total number of new recreation water access points and new land access points provided, and the new or increased recreational capacity created by the increased access. You may use a table like the following:

Type of access pointNumber of new access pointsNew or increased recreational capacity (units per day)


The level of effort required to measure, analyze, and report number of new recreation access points should be minimal. No special skills or knowledge are required.