Applying For A Grant

The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 and the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018 allocate funding to the Conservancy for a competitive grant program supporting forest health projects that result in multiple watershed benefits.

Please read SNC’s Grant Guidelines for a complete description of Grant Program Requirements.

SNC strongly encourages applicants to meet with their Area Representative to discuss projects prior to preparing their Pre-Application.  





Future Grant Cycle
Deadlines for future grant cycles are not yet determined. Please contact your Area Representative regarding interest in the program.


Who Can Apply:

Federal, state, and local public agencies, qualifying nonprofit organizations, and eligible tribal organizations

Please Note: Federal agencies are eligible to receive funds under Proposition 68, but not Proposition 1.  Federal agencies may apply directly for a grant, and grant awards to federal agencies will be sourced only from Proposition 68.  Federal agencies also may partner with an eligible entity under Proposition 1, and the eligible partner may receive Proposition 1 funding for a project on federal land.

Please see the Grant Eligibilitypage for more information on eligible organizations and projects.


  • Category One on-the-ground implementationof forest health site improvement projects or fee title acquisition projects that support forest products manufacturing and/or biomass utilization facilities that increase capacity to improve forest and watershed health.
  • Category Two planning and pre-project activities that are necessary for a future on-the-ground project, or due diligence for fee title acquisition projects that support forest health.

Application process

Please contact your Area Representative regarding interest in the program







Review a Pre-Application Template to understand the information required.   

Site visits   

SNC will conduct site visits for all Category One Pre-Applications to provide a greater understanding of the project to SNC and assist in development of the project and the Full Application. SNC will contact applicants after submission of the Pre-Application to schedule a visit.

Sample Resolution / Authorization to Apply

Sample Resolution or Authorization to Apply for Non-Profits

Sample Resolution or Authorization to Apply for Local Government

Sample Grant Agreements

Sample Category 1 Grant Agreement Template

Sample Category 2 Grant Agreement Template