Manage Your Grant


This handbook is a supplemental reference to your grant agreement and provides guidance and necessary tools for the successful implementation of your grant-funded project.

Managing Your Grant Handbook

Project Reporting

Six-Month and Final Reports

Grantees must complete and submit Six-Month Progress Reports as well as a Final Report as stated in their SNC Grant Agreement. Please contact your SNC Area Representative to obtain the report templates.

Performance Measures

Grantees must complete the project-specific Performance Measure reporting with the submission of the Final Report for the project. Performance Measures are used to track progress toward project goals and desired outcomes.

Performance Measures

Requests for Payment

Grantees must complete and submit an approved Request for Payment form for reimbursement of project expenses or advance payment requests under their SNC Grant Agreement. Contact your SNC Area Representative for guidance and to obtain the proper forms.

Advance Requests

Contact your SNC Area Representative when considering an advance request in order to determine the availability of advance funding for the project.