Guiding Principles

We aim not only to be transparent in our decision-making, but also to promote open communication, as we strive to be neutral so everyone can participate and become involved in any way they can.

Some of our main objectives as an organization are to protect, conserve, and enhance the unique resources of California’s Sierra Nevada-Cascade region, as well as educate people on the important contributions the region offers. We make every effort to assist with community-based solutions, and add value to community and regional efforts in any way we can. We are adamant about using the newest science and information available in order to find integrated solutions that serve environmental, social, and economic needs, while providing a regional focusing on the Sierra-Cascade issues at hand.

When it comes to implementing our programs, we are insistent on reaching out to our communities and seeking what they need while being flexible in helping them. Also, we find it imperative to consider potential impacts on surrounding lands when giving priority to local programs (ideally, ones that benefit more than one program goal).

Working with others has proven to be beneficial for all involved. We love to not only cooperate with local government and other partners but to also support them in any way possible, as well as acting as a catalyst and facilitator to bring people together. When working with other groups or agencies, we find it of the upmost importance to acknowledge and respect their missions, responsibilities, and obligations.