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California is on the brink of losing significant benefits from one of its most important ecosystems, the Sierra Nevada Region. Without immediate action, our primary watersheds – providers of more than 60 percent of California’s developed water supply and the primary source of fresh water that flows into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta – will be dramatically transformed forever.

The Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program (WIP) is the solution. The Watershed Improvement Program will restore the health of California’s primary watersheds through an integrated and collaborative program of increased investment and needed policy changes, and will facilitate the implementation of the on-the-ground, ecologically sound restoration required to return our watersheds to a state of resilience. This program is organized and coordinated by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and the U. S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region, in close partnership with state, federal, and local agencies and diverse stakeholders spanning the range of Sierra interests.

As stewards of the Sierra Nevada Region, we, the undersigned, endorse the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program. We are committed to working with other WIP partners in identifying the level of ecologically sound restoration activities needed to return Sierra Nevada watersheds to a state of resilience, and quantifying the cost of implementing these activities. We will work collaboratively and in good faith to overcome barriers to large scale landscape restoration; increase state, federal, and private investment in restoration activities; and secure support from those who benefit from the variety of resources that the Sierra Nevada provides to all of California.