Wilseyville Woody Biomass Project Yard and CHIPS

Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions (CHIPS) is in the lead role on this effort, who is a member the Amador Calaveras Consensus Group (ACCG), a community based collaborative implementing an All Lands Triple Bottom Line strategy for forest restoration and fire safe communities. CHIPS is also a member of the local Amador Calaveras Cooperative Association for Biomass Utilization (ACCABU) with members that include local forest contractors, entrepreneurs and others interested in developing small biomass utilization businesses. CHIPS seeks to optimize value-added opportunities for utilization of woody biomass material generated as a byproduct of forest fuels treatment and restoration activities in the upper Mokelumne and Calaveras River watersheds. The long-term plan is to facilitate a cooperative of distributed product yards that complement each other so that community- based enterprises are strategically coordinated and scaled to local sustainability. The proposed site is the former location of the Associated Office sawmill in Wilseyville, CA. The site is currently owned by the Calaveras County Water District but there has been progress on the sale of 20 acres of that land to CHIPS for purposes of this project.The desired outcome is an economically viable and sustainable industry cluster of value-added biomass businesses.For More Information: Amador-Calaveras Cooperative Association for Biomass Utilization Memorandum of Agreement CHIPS Feasibility Study