The SNC welcomes new Area Representative for North Subregion Tuli Potts

Feb 11, 2021 | SNC Updates

Tuli Potts, SNC's new Area Representative for the North Subregion, crouches in dry streambed with green bushes behind her. She is wearing a blue baseball cap a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots and is holding a pen in her hand that is resting on a large sheaf of papers that is balanced on her legs.

The SNC is pleased to introduce Tuli Potts, the new North Area Representative. Based in Mt. Shasta, Tuli will help the SNC to foster local partnerships and communicate local needs back to state leaders. And, like her Area Representative colleagues throughout the Sierra Nevada, she will use her on-the-ground knowledge to match local priorities to state funding sources and support the development of forest health, watershed restoration, recreation, and land conservation projects. 

Prior to joining the SNC, Tuli ran an environmental consulting business in the north state, Alpineworks, for the past 10 years. There she managed multi-million dollar river restoration projects on Hat Creek, the Scott River, and the Little Shasta River and authored environmental analyses for a variety of local government entities. She also led planning, environmental compliance, and contract management to construct 45 miles of multi-use trail around the City of Mt. Shasta. 

Before Alpineworks, Tuli was the City Planner for Mt. Shasta, the Senior Planner for Siskiyou County, and worked extensively in the private planning sector. During her 11 years as a municipal planner, Tuli led long-range planning efforts, oversaw General Plan and municipal code updates, managed environmental review for a wide variety of projects, and supervised planning department staff. 

Tuli grew up on farms on the Klamath River and in the Shasta Valley and her family (who founded the first farmers’ market in Siskiyou County) is a fixture within the north state agricultural community. She has a BS in Natural Resource Planning and Interpretation from Humboldt State University. 

We’re excited to see what Tuli’s deep roots, expertise, and experience can help the SNC and our partners achieve for the northern Sierra Nevada. If you have a great project to improve the environmental, economic, or social health of the North Subregion, please email Tuli.