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  Fire, drought push wildlife into Sierra townSan Francisco Chronicle, June 16, 2014

Smoke from the 2014 King Fire

Introducing the Sierra Wildfire Wire – The Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s fire season blog.

The Sierra Wildfire Wire has been created to give a voice to the untold stories of the Sierra Nevada fire season. The blog will focus on the broader impacts of fire, highlight new forest and fire research as it becomes available, and will demonstrate that suppression dollars are not the only values lost when our forests burn.

Photo credit: Tim Webster

January 31, 2014 Rim Fire Technical Workshop - Photo courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service

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1/31/2014: On January 31, 2014 the Sierra Nevada Conservancy hosted a technical workshop focused on how to apply select landscape-scale ecological concepts to efforts to restore the Rim Fire post-burn landscape.  This workshop was based on an earlier session on December 18, 2013, and it included the U.S. Forest Service and a range of representative stakeholders. Its goals were to: describe desired conditions for post-Rim Fire landscape restoration based on key concepts from landscape ecology; identify areas on the landscape that provide the best opportunities for achieving these desired conditions; and identify the corresponding types of treatments, and associated risks and uncertainties. The maps below were distributed during this workshop:



9/3/2013 Mother Jones: 9 Scary Facts About the Yosemite Fire

Just another wildfire? Nope. This one’s different. Here’s why.

– By Maggie Severns


8/26/2013 Los Angeles Times: Rim Fire taking ecological toll over thousands of acres

The Rim Fire is incinerating large patches of forest, wiping out habitat for spotted owls and goshawks, and probably claiming old-growth trees, experts say.

– By Bettina Boxall