GIS Analyst

11521 Blocker Drive, Suite 205
Auburn , CA 95603

Office Phone: (530) 823-4668

John is the Geographic Information Systems Analyst for the SNC and an un-repentant map geek. John’s first memory of the Sierra Nevada was at age 8 during a trip west as his family moved from Michigan to Guam. The sequoias, bears and looking into the high country all left an indelible mark in his memory. Many moves and adventures later John was most recently working for the Council for Watershed Health in Los Angeles and bringing his family to some of the same places in the Sierra that had enticed his imagination years before. His work at the Council for Watershed Health focused on capturing local stormwater to add to the water supply in the Los Angels basin. John developed GIS data, models and metrics to prioritize where water infiltration projects should be sited. In this role John collaborated with agencies and non-profits including the Trust for Public Land, LADWP, WCA and MWD among many others on plans, studies and education focused on developing local water supply and controlling stormater pollution. For the last 10 years John has also been an advisor and research collaborator with faculty at the Claremont Graduate University Advanced GIS Lab where he has contributed to studies and papers. John came to the SNC to contribute to the science, research and policy team on efforts to restore the Sierra. When John is not staring at data on a computer screen he can be found in the mountains, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or volunteering on a trail crew.