Angela Avery

Executive Officer

11521 Blocker Drive, Suite 205
Auburn , CA 95603
Office Phone: (530) 823-4681


Angela is a long-term transplant to California. A Cajun by birth, she’s now been in California longer than she lived in Louisiana. As a child, she and her family were avid outdoors enthusiasts who spent nearly every weekend in the forests of southern Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. It was this time spent in the woods that developed and cemented her deep love and respect for nature.

Prior to joining the Sierra Nevada Conservancy in October 2007, Angela developed a deep understanding of forest issues and experience as a natural resource and conservation professional in her work as a park, recreation, and conservation planning consultant as well as in her nonprofit work managing a portfolio of forested land along the north coast of California. Today, Angela is the Policy and Outreach Division Chief for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. She and her team focus on the development of sound, science-based policy, and the necessary outreach programs and strategic partnerships that support the Sierra Nevada Region with the goal of ensuring that these forests and benefits they provide continue to serve California.