Grants and Funding Sources

Sierra Nevada Watershed improvement Program: Grant Program

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy administers a competitive grant program to support forest health projects that result in multiple watershed benefits. The grant program is funded by Proposition 1 and Proposition 68.   

Proposition 1, the Water Bond, was passed by California voters in 2014 and allocated $25 million to the SNC for multi-benefit projects that protect and restore watershed health in the Sierra Nevada.

Proposition 68, the Parks & Water Bond, was passed by California voters in 2018 and allocated $25 million to the SNC  for projects related to climate adaptation and resiliency under the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program.

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Proposition 84 Grant Program

Using funding from Proposition 84, passed by popular vote in 2006, the SNC has awarded over $51 million for projects that that directly improve watershed health, water quality, and community health for the betterment of the people of California.  The SNC Proposition 84 Grant Program page has information on specific projects.

Hazel Creek Restoration Project (Photo Credit: Lynn Campbell)

Searchable Grants Map

The Searchable Grants Map will allow you to search for and view details about individual projects for all awarded SNC grants.

Funding Opportunities for the Sierra Nevada Region

The SNC also provides information regarding Additional Funding Sources and Incentive Programs relevant to the Sierra Nevada Region.  The page contains resources to identify grants and loans as well as to help organizations develop strategies to move forward with their projects and programs.


Bob Powers Gateway Preserve (Photo Credit: Mark Schmitt)