Board Meeting Instructions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is conducting business remotely as we comply with State of California directives and orders for social distancing and staying at home. The SNC is committed to ensuring that our public meetings are accessible to the public and that the public has the opportunity to observe and address the meeting and to participate by providing written and oral comment on Board matters. During this extraordinary time, and as we explore new ways of doing business and new technologies, we ask that you remain patient with us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to technical support for technical problems.

The instructions below outline how members of the public can access virtual Commission meetings and provide public comment.

How to Join

  1. Go to the SNC Board Meetings Webpage.
  2. Navigate to the current SNC Board Meeting section and click the “Agenda.” Here you will find the Zoom Virtual Meeting link for that meeting
  3. You can join the meeting from a desktop computer, mobile device, or telephone. You can learn more about joining a Zoom Meeting. If you are calling in, but would like to access meeting materials, please visit SNC Board Meetings Webpage.
  4. We recommend that you test out your device, internet connection, and Zoom app compatibility well before attempting to join the meeting.
  5. When prompted, provide your name and email address to be placed in the meeting. You will automatically be muted when joining as an attendee.

For any technical questions, please email technical support.

Providing Public Comment

Public comment for SNC quarterly Board Meetings can be provided in multiple ways:

Written Comments

You are welcome to submit written comments to SNC via our public comment website form. Once accessing this form, please fill out the information and submit. Public Comment can be made prior to or during the Board meeting.

Oral Comments

During the meeting and before each agenda action item, the SNC Board Chair will ask whether there are any requests for public comment.

If you have completed the public comment website form, you will be called on in the order these comment requests were received. When you are called upon, your microphone will be unmuted so you can provide your comments.

If you want to provide oral comments on a specific agenda item and you did not complete the public comment website form, you will need to “Raise your hand” during the Zoom meeting. *If calling into the meeting from a telephone, you can use “Pound (#) 2” to raise and lower your hand virtually.

Once your hand is raised and it is your turn to speak, the Chair or the meeting facilitator will unmute you, announce your name, and you will be able to make your public comment to the Board.

A speaker’s time allotment is at the discretion of the Chair. It is strongly recommended, though not required, that public comments be submitted in writing beforehand so they can be compiled and read into the record if requested. After your public comment, your hand will be lowered, and you will be placed back on mute.

Additional Information/Comments