Rim Fire Resilience Tour Agenda

Please join the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s Boardmembers and staff on the Rim Fire Forest Resilience Tour to discuss current conditions and restoration needs in the Rim Fire burn area. The goals of the tour are to educate SNC Board on current conditions and restoration needs in the Rim Fire burn area and help SNC Boardmembers understand forest succession and related issues in post-fire Sierra Nevada forests using the Rim Fire as an example.

Members of the public are invited to participate in the field tour but are responsible for their own transportation and lunch. There are no locations to obtain lunch or gas once we depart for the tour. All times are approximate, and the stops are weather and road condition permitting. If you would like to attend this tour, please visit our registration page.

The field tour will begin at the Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor’s Office, located at 19777 Greenley Road, Sonora, CA 95370. (MAP)

8:00    Registration (hard hats, name tag, and materials distribution)

8:30    Welcome and Opening Remarks
           Terry O’Brien, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Board Chair
           Gina Bartlett, Consensus Building Institute, Facilitator
           Jason Kuiken, Stanislaus National Forest, Supervisor
           Louise Bedsworth, Strategic Growth Council, Executive Director
           Angela Avery, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Executive Officer
           Elliott Vander Kolk, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Program Coordinator

9:15   Board the bus

10:15  Discuss Fire Trends, Seedling Establishment, USFS Reforestation Plan
            Brandon Collins, U.C. Berkeley and USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station
            John Buckley, Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center, Yosemite Stanislaus Solutions
            Maria Benech, U.S. Forest Service – Stanislaus National Forest

11:40  Depart Stop 1

12:15  Discuss Need for Restoration of Green Forests/Low Severity Burn Areas
            David Edelson, The Nature Conservancy, California
            Craig Thomas, Fire Restoration Group
            Regina Hirsch, Watershed Progressive

1:40   Depart Stop 2

2:55   Discuss Potential for Re-Burn and Natural Seedling Regeneration
           Chad Hanson, John Muir Project
           Dominick DellaSalla, Geos Institute
           Eric Knapp, USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station

4:30   Depart Stop 3

5:00   Discuss the Larger Questions Around Scope and Treating the Landscape
           Hugh Safford, U.C. Davis/USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station
           Terry O’Brien, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Board Chair

5:35   Depart last stop for Sonora

6:35   Arrive back at the U.S. Forest Service office in Sonora