2018 March Agenda

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MARCH 7, 2018                                                                                              1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
The Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program Summit
A Regional Approach to Implementing California’s Climate Goals
CalSTRS Board Room
100 Waterfront Place
West Sacramento, CA 95605 (MAP)
Watch the Summit live. The Summit will begin at 1:00pm.

The Sierra Nevada Region is California’s biggest carbon sink, but many of our Sierra Nevada forests are unhealthy, and have suffered unprecedented tree mortality from bark beetles, drought, and an increase in high-severity wildfire. These events result in immediate greenhouse gas emissions from smoke plumes and decaying dead trees, and long-term loss of sequestration. Without immediate action, the Sierra Nevada will continue to emit massive amounts of greenhouse gas and lose the ability to store and sequester carbon. Learn more about how the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program is working to retain Sierra Nevada forests as a carbon sink for California, and prevent this critical Region from becoming a carbon source.


March 8, 2018
Board Meeting                                                      9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (End time is approximate)
California Department of Food and Agriculture
1220 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814 (MAP)

Board Agenda (PDF)
Board Materials – Complete Package (PDF)

I.    Call to Order

II.    Oath of Office for New Boardmembers

III.    Roll Call

IV.    Approval of December 7, 2017, Meeting Minutes (ACTION)

ACTION:    Boardmember Tom Wheeler moved and Boardmember Jeff Griffiths seconded, a motion to approve the December 7, 2017, meeting minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

V.    Public Comments
Provide an opportunity for the public to comment on non-agenda items.

VI.    Board Chair’s Report

VII.    Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program Proposition 1 Grant Award Recommendations (ACTION) Exhibit AMaps of Project LocationsRecommended Project DetailsTablePresentation
The Board may take action to adopt CEQA findings and award grants under the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program Proposition 1 Grant Program for projects identified in Exhibit A.

ACTION:    Boardmember John Brissenden moved and Boardmember Tom Wheeler seconded, a motion to (a) authorize the Executive Officer to file Notices of Exemption for the Childs Meadow Fuel Reduction and Forest Resiliency Project (SNC1002), the Wagner Ridge Watershed Protection Plan (SNC1004), the Pre-Development / Acquisition Planning for a Biomass Utilization Campus at the Auberry Mill Site (SNC1005), the ‘Inimim Forest Restoration Project (SNC1006), the Lower Steephollow Watershed Restoration Implementation Plan (SNC1013), the Upper Deer Creek Healthy Forest and Fuel Reduction Implementation Plan (SNC1014), the Crossroads project (SNC1020), the Planning for Resilient Forests in Mining-Impacted Landscapes: Fuels Reduction and Erosion Prevention project (SNC1027), the Yuba Headwaters Healthy Forests Project (SNC1035), the Onion Ridge Fuel Reduction and Forest Health Improvement Project (SNC1040), and the Improving Landscape and Watershed Health through Restoring Fire Regimes in Lassen Volcanic National Park project (SNC1047); and (b) approve findings concurring with the Negative Declaration and Mitigated Negative Declarations and authorize the Executive Officer to file Notices of Determination as a Responsible Agency for the Western Nevada County Community Defense Project (SNC1000), the Butte Creek Forest Health Project (SNC1024), the Trestle Forest Health Project (SNC1034), and the Fire Adapted 50 – Sly Park Vegetation Management Project (SNC1043); and (c) authorize a grant award to each of the projects listed above and in Agenda Item VII – Exhibit A, for the amounts recommended by staff, and further authorize the staff to enter into the necessary agreements to move forward with these projects. The motion passed unanimously.

VIII.    Discussion Regarding Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program  Summit (INFORMATIONAL)
The Board will discuss the prior day’s presentations and discussions relating to the Watershed Improvement Program and may provide direction on next steps.  

IX.    Strategic Assessment and Plan Update (ACTION)EO Presentation Presentation
The Board will discuss key issues to be addressed in the SNC’s Strategic Plan Update and may provide staff additional direction in development of a draft Strategic Plan.

ACTION:    Boardmember Jeff Griffiths moved and Boardmember Susana Reyes seconded, a motion to approve the following Strategic and Action plans development timeframe:
•    September 2018: Draft Strategic Plan presented to the Board
•    December 2018: Final Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan presented to the Board
The motion passed unanimously.

X.    Executive Officer’s Report (INFORMATIONAL)
a.    Executive Officer Update
b.    Administrative Update
c.    Policy Update
d.    Communications Update Presentation
e.    Proposition 84 Grant Award Report
f.    Update on Future SNC Grant Program

XI.    Boardmembers’ Comments
Provide an opportunity for members of the Board to make comments on items not on the agenda.

XII.    Public Comments

Provide an opportunity for the public to comment on non-agenda items.

XIII.    Adjournment

Meeting Materials are available on the SNC Web site at www.sierranevada.ca.gov. For additional information, or to submit written comment on any agenda item, please contact Ms. Armstrong at (530) 823-4700, toll free at (877) 257-1212, via email at Tristyn.armstrong@sierranevada.ca.gov, in person or by mail at: 11521 Blocker Drive, Suite 205, Auburn CA 95603. If you need reasonable accommodations, please contact Ms. Armstrong at least five (5) working days in advance, including documents in alternative formats.

Closed Session: Following, or at any time during the meeting, the Board may recess or adjourn to closed session to consider pending or potential litigation; property negotiations; or personnel-related matters. Authority: Government Code Section 11126, subdivision (a)(1).