Barbara Harriman

Bond Fund Analyst

11521 Blocker Drive, Suite 205
Auburn , CA 95603
Office Phone: (530) 823-4669

Barbara started working at SNC in the summer of 2008, quickly becoming immersed in the world of grants. She soon discovered through the diverse array of projects that this was a unique opportunity to see government working together with various private and public organizations in the protection and restoration of our environment. With 13 years spent in the development and successful administration of a small business, along with 10 years in government service, it wasn’t long before Barbara’s experience was found to be instrumental in the administration of the bond funds that finance the grants.

Barbara began to experience the Sierras through family camping, fishing, and boating trips. Taking drives into the foothills with her husband and children to escape the valley fog, there came the opportunity to move to Auburn and they quickly fell in love with the area. “I have loved the Auburn area: you have the essence of the Sierras, close to the rivers, lakes, and amazing trees. It is above the fog (we get ‘mist’, not fog) yet just below the winter snows (most years).”