Searchable Grants Map Instructions

The Searchable Grants Map has a number of features that allow you to search, pan, zoom and query information about the Sierra Nevada Conservancy’s (SNC) awarded grants as well as identify the Area Representatives and Area Managers for each of the 22 Counties in the SNC Region. This map guide illustrates where the different tools are located in the map. Click on each tool below for greater detail.

The “Search” tool allows you to search our grants by various categories. In order to use this tool, click on the magnifying glass as shown below, and the Search Grants window will open allowing you to search for grants by Title, Project Category/Type, Funding Amount, County, Project Status, Grantee Type, and or Project Result. Simply click on the arrow to the right of the category and make your selection, the Search Grants window will open allowing you to choose by category, and the grants that were selected will be highlighted on the map. After you make your selection, you can click on any one of the grants, and a pop-up window will open that provides details about each grant including a hyperlink to the grant application or final report.