Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez

Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez

Designee for Director of Department of Finance


Jacqueline Wong-Hernandez is the Director of Legislation for the California Department of Finance. In this capacity, she advises the Director and the Governor’s Office in the planning, implementation, administration and evaluation of fiscal and legislative issues affecting the budgetary process and the state’s fiscal condition.

Ms. Wong-Hernandez was previously a principal consultant to the Senate Appropriations Committee, working on K-12 and higher education issues from 2010 to 2015. From 2008 to 2010, she worked on public safety, judiciary, and human services issues for the Committee. Ms. Wong-Hernandez was a 2007-08 Senate Fellow in the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee. Prior to working in the Legislature, she worked in non-profit organizations focused on improving public education.

Ms. Wong-Hernandez earned a Bachelor’s degree in Politics from Pomona College.