Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler

South Subregion

Madera County Supervisor


Tom has been a resident of Eastern Madera County for five decades, having moved to the area as a teenager in 1958. His family settled in North Fork a year later, and he has continued to live there ever since. He is the proud father of three and grandfather of two.

For 30 years, Tom managed the 4,500-acre Frank Wyle’s Circle W. Ranch. He also owns and manages his own, private business. He coached youth soccer for ten years. For more than eighteen years, has served as a trustee on various school boards including Sierra High School, North Fork Elementary School, and the Chawanakee and Minarets Boards. Tom is a recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Education and was selected North Fork Citizen of the Year, chaired the North Fork Loggers Jamboree for a number of years, and won the Champion Logger title five times.

Tom was elected to the Madera County Board of Supervisors in 2006. Since then, he has strives to uphold his political ideology of conservation, property rights and common sense. Tom continues to support policies that help the people better their lives economically. He encourages business that brings well-paying jobs to our communities so young adults can afford to live here. He is also an adamant supporter of property rights.

In addition, Tom believes a person should give back to the community. As such, Tom has been involved in numerous committees and organizations. Over the last thirty years, he was elected President of the California Association Resource Conservation District and President of the Coarsegold Resource Conservation District. Tom has been a member of the Eastern Madera County Water Oversight Advisory Committee, The General Plan Update Committee, the North Fork Community Development Council, Farm Service Agency Advisory Board and the Board of Directors of the Mountain Area Youth Soccer League.