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About Us

SNC Staff Calaveras Big Trees 2016

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is a California state agency created by bi-partisan legislation (AB 2600) and signed into law in 2004. The SNC was created with the understanding that the environmental, economic and social well-being of the Sierra Nevada and its communities are closely linked and that the Region and the State of California would benefit from an organization providing a strategic direction. The SNC Region, made up of all or part of 22 counties covering over 25 million acres, is one of the most significant natural and biologically diverse regions in the world. The Sierra Nevada constitutes about 25 percent of California’s land area and is the state’s principal watershed, supplying more than 60 percent of the developed water supply to residents, agriculture, and other businesses/industries across the state.

Our Vision
The magnificent Sierra Nevada Region enjoys outstanding environmental, economic, and social health with vibrant communities and landscapes sustained for future generations.

Our Mission
Sierra Nevada Conservancy initiates, encourages, and supports efforts that improve the environmental, economic, and social well-being of the Sierra Nevada Region, its communities, and the citizens of California.

Guiding Principles

How we operate:
  • Be transparent in our decision-making and communicate openly.
  • Strive to be neutral so everyone can participate.
Our key objectives:
  • Add value to community and regional efforts.
  • Provide a regional focus for Sierra Nevada issues.
  • Assist with community-based solutions.
  • Use and build on the best available information and science.
  • Educate people about the important contributions of the Sierra Nevada.
  • Protect, conserve, and enhance the unique resources of the Sierra Nevada.
  • Find integrated solutions that serve environmental, social and economic needs.
Implementing our programs:
  • Reach out to communities and seek to meet their needs, be flexible.
  • Give priority to programs that benefit more than one program goal.
  • Leverage resources from other organizations.
  • Consider potential impacts on surrounding lands.
  • Buy local, support the Sierra Nevada region.
Working with others:
  • Cooperate with and support local government and other partners.
  • Be a catalyst and facilitator to bring people together.
  • Acknowledge and respect the missions, responsibilities, and obligations of other agencies and organizations.

The SNC supports the Sierra Nevada Region by providing funding for local projects and offering technical assistance and other support for collaborative projects in partnership with local government, nonprofit organizations, and tribal entities. Activities supported contribute to the following program objectives:

  • provide increased opportunity for tourism and recreation in the Region
  • protect, conserve, and restore the Region’s physical, cultural, archaeological, historical, and living resources
  • aid in the preservation of working landscapes
  • reduce the risk of natural disasters, such as wildfire
  • protect and improve water and air quality
  • assist the regional economy
  • enhance public use and enjoyment of lands owned by the public

Financing for the implementation of the SNC’s programs comes from the California Environmental License Plate Fund; Proposition 84, The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coast Protection Bond Act, which allocated $54 million to SNC; and Proposition 1 The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014, which allocated $25 million to SNC.

Staff Directory
Find the SNC staff contact information, including phone numbers, and email addresses. You can also view staff photos or read staff biographies.

Tribal Relations
The SNC consults with our tribal partners on the development of projects and programs in the Region. Visit this page to learn more.

Find publications produced by or in coordination with the SNC here.

Job Opportunities and Exams
If you are interested in employment or volunteering for the SNC, visit this page to see current opportunities.

Doing Business with the SNC
We are actively seeking state certified Small Business and DVBE owners within the Sierra Nevada Region to provide goods and services for our programs. The Conservancy wishes to increase communication with the Small Business and DVBE communities, forming partnerships that will achieve success with both programs.

Office Locations
If you are looking for a SNC location, mailing address, or phone number, please visit this page.

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy would like to thank The Carmel Gallery and Elizabeth Carmel for the loan of several prints located throughout our Auburn office. View prints and additional information.