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Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Board Tour 
June 4, 2008 
Meet at Intermountain Fair Grounds – Front of Ingram Building 
Greeting and Introduction by Executive Officer Jim Branham 
Overview of Projects and Tour Theme (Map & Description Attached) 
Mt. Lassen Area Staff 
Depart for Project Sites  
 (Go to Bus Location) 

Depart for Day Lassen Fuels Project 
Tom Esgate, Lassen County Fire Safe Council 
On Site at Day Lassen Fuels Project 
  (30 minutes) 

Depart for Butte Creek Fuels  
Tom Esgate, Lassen County Fire Safe Council 
On site Butte Creek Fuels Project 
  (30 minutes) 
Lower Ash Creek Restoration Planning Project** 
Todd Sloat, Pit River RCD 
 Regional Representative, CDFG 
 Wildlife Management Area Staff 
Return to McArthur – Intermountain Fair Grounds 
Reception for Board and Guests* 
Hosted by Lassen County Cattlemen 
(Grass area behind Ingram Building – Intermountain Fair Grounds) 
*Dinner following reception at Intermountain Fair Grounds 
** Restroom Available 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Board Tour 
June 4, 2008 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Board Tour 
June 4, 2008 
Day Lassen Bench Wildland Urban Interface Fuel Reduction & Watershed 
Restoration Project 
Day Lassen Bench & Lassen County Fire Safe Councils 
Project Partners: 
Sierra Nevada Conservancy, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land 
Management, Lassen, Shasta & Modoc County Resource Advisory Committees, Fall 
River RCD, California Fire Safe Council, Cal Fire, Lassen County. 
The Project began in 2003 when the partners developed a Fire Safe/Community 
Wildfire Protection Plan and NEPA/CEQA document covering 3,150 acres. Fuel 
reduction activities began in 2004 and 1,500 acres have been treated to date. 
Treatments include thinning of mix conifer forest using conventional logging equipment 
with biomass utilization of the removed material as fuel for electrical generation. 
Mastication treatments are also done in brush fuels. The tour will see shearing and 
chipping in progress and previously completed work. 
Butte Creek Watershed Restoration and Wildland Urban Interface Fuel Reduction 
Cooperative Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Initiative (CSSRI) 
Project Partners:
 The principal CSSRI partners are the Pit Resource Conservation 
District, Lassen County Fire Safe Council, Inc. and the Susanville Indian Rancheria. 
Other funding and supporting partners include: U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land 
Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA, Natural Resources Conservation 
Service, Burney Forest Power, Lassen County Resource Advisory Committee, 
California Fire Safe Council, Central Valley Water Quality Control Board, Cal Fire and 
Lassen & Modoc Counties. 
The CSSRI focus is the restoration of sagebrush steppe and associated eastside pine 
biomes that have declined due to the expansion of western juniper. They began their 
initiative in 2005 when they were awarded one of eight NRCS national planning grants. 
Ten site specific plans and a 2.2 million acre general plan were completed. In 2006 
CSSRI was awarded a $500,000 NRCS Conservation Innovative Grant, which has 
since been leveraged, with the help of $152,000 in Sierra Nevada Conservancy funds, 
to $3.3 million dollars. 
Butte Creek is one of eight current CSSRI projects. It was completed in December of 
2007. 550 acres were treated through shearing, chipping and biomass utilization of 
removed material. Cal Fire Intermountain Conservation crews assisted with hand 
treatments along water courses and in aspen groves. The tour will see completed work 
and adjacent land that has not been restored. 

Sierra Nevada Conservancy 
Board Tour 
June 4, 2008 
Intermountain Fair Grounds 
44218 A Street 
McArthur, California 
Spinner Falls  
McArthur Road (A-19) 
Fall River Mills 
Hi Mont Hotel  
Hwy 299 ( Corner of Bridge St. & 299 E.) 
Fall River Mills, CA 96028