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Randi Jorgensen

Randi Jorgensen

Mt. Whitney Area Manager

4988 11th Street, Suite A – P.O. Box 372
Mariposa , CA 95603
Office Phone: (209) 742-0483


Randi is so excited to be a part of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy. The mission and values of SNC truly speak to her heart.

Randi began her career with the Forest Service back in 1979, as a Public Affairs Specialist with an emphasis in media/fire information and community outreach. Twenty-plus years later, she transferred to the state to manage the regional communication program for the Department of Toxic Substances Control, communicating the ecological and human impacts of the cleanup of contaminated urban sites in southern California.

With her position as Mt. Whitney Area Manager, Randi is able to meld her state management experience with her natural resources background and fulfill a dream she’s had since childhood: working in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Randi grew up in southern California but spent every year camping and fishing somewhere in the Sierra. She left California for approximately five years to work in the deep south, finishing a BA Degree in Communications in Atlanta. The countryside was beautiful there, but she missed our mountains.

The Sierra called her home.