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Elizabeth Betancourt

Elizabeth Betancourt

Policy Coordinator

11521 Blocker Drive, Suite 205

Auburn , CA 95603
Office Phone: (530) 823-4668


Elizabeth grew up in the San Joaquin Valley. In-between swim team, sewing projects, and water polo games, she enjoyed many summers of camping and backpacking in the Stanislaus National Forest and Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. This love for the outdoors, as well as a tendency to look at challenges from a systems perspective, led to two summers as a biological tech with the USFS, a BS Degree in environmental biology (UC Davis), and a Master of Science Degree in watershed science (Colorado State).

Since that time, Elizabeth has used her scientific background and her natural tendency toward cooperation and collaboration to build consensus surrounding natural resources management in a variety of venues, and with a diverse array of stakeholders. Elizabeth has worked for local, regional, and federal government organizations; nonprofit groups; and for the private sector. She is enjoying a whole new perspective now, as she and her husband embark upon a small farm adventure in Shasta County, providing a local food source through a small CSA program, caring for many dozens of Mottled Java poultry, and milling Mission Olives annually.

Elizabeth left the private sector to join the SNC because of the incredible importance of the Sierra in California’s statehood – from history to the present – and in our economy, environment, and to the very core of who we are as Californians. She is pleased to be contributing to strategic policy development, including the identification of policy tools that could contribute to better investment in California’s primary watershed, and keeping rural communities healthy and safe. Elizabeth is especially interested in internalizing the benefits provided by the Sierra Nevada into the services enjoyed by the rest of the state, building more understanding of and investment into California’s primary watershed.