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Danna Stroud

Danna Stroud

Mt. Whitney Area Representative

351 Pacu Lane, Suite 200
Bishop , CA 93514
Office Phone: (760) 872-1120


A fourth generation native Californian, Danna was raised in Paso Robles before it became the central coast wine mecca it has grown into. After studying recreation administration in school, she landed in Los Angeles where she spent fifteen years in the tourism and hospitality industry – working for two of the largest convention hotels in the city. Danna arrived in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra eleven years ago to serve as the town’s tourism and recreation director.

Four years ago, Danna joined the SNC team as a Mt. Whitney Area Representative. She had previously written grant applications that were awarded SNC funds and so had good insight into the work SNC was doing throughout the Sierra Nevada Region. This work has had such a positive impact on so many of the smaller, rural communities within our area that she was very excited at the chance to join the SNC.

While her passion for the Region was initially driven by the great natural wonders of the Eastern Sierra, Danna has quickly become so inspired by all facets of the twenty-two counties the SNC encompasses. She loves the intimate connection we have with our natural resources and the ability to access the public lands and recreation experiences we have throughout the Region. “Every day I get to experience in the Sierra Nevada is special – the dramatic sunrises, the flowing streams, the majestic peaks and varying wildlife I see are constant reminders of how precious the Sierra Nevada is to our state.”

When not out exploring the Region on foot and on wheels, Danna can be found watching a baseball game, reading a Teddy Roosevelt biography, or fine-tuning a banana bread recipe in the kitchen.